He began his music career in the underground dance music clubs of New York, Boston, and London partnering with the biggest DJ's in the scene.  Together with John Debo they started the production group "Mindwarp" with their first record becoming a sensation over in europe climbing the charts with its quirky and tribal stylings.  Later partnering with the legendary Sasha, their first collaboration being the unforgettable 3am Drop Mix of The Reese Project's Direct Me.  Throughout the 90's and beyond his records amassed a loyal and dedicated fanbase with more then seven top 10 international chart hits and 150 remixes ranging from Paula Cole to Howard Jones.  His songwriting also achieved massive success with a variety of indie, funk, and ambient artists in addition to contributing songs to the mega hit album "No Angel" for Dido in 1999.  

Around 2001 his interests became more focused on interactive media and particularly the challenge of video games.  Scoring the soundtrack as well as all the technical integration and sound design on the Mad Max styled MMORPG " Auto Assault" in 2005, this gave him his baptism of fire,  and set him straight on the course for bigger projects and more challenges.  Soon came monster hits both critically and financially with EA's Need for Speed series followed by what has become the most played game in the world, "League of Legends".  Multiple projects with Marvel, Lego, and NBC Universal followed by the universally acclaimed Witcher 3.  2014 has marked a return to album music with the ambient/underscore project Karma Harvest ,  and two more album projects underway currently in 2015.    The next focus is on film scoring and television projects with one project started already for release in 2016.